Our company held it's annual Sportsfest opening ceremony over the weekend. The hubby picked me up right after the basketball game was over and together with our bebe, we headed straight to this new cafe in town for a late afternoon treat.

The place was called Kawaii Cafe. Indeed, it was really "kawaii" (cute) with all the Hello Kitty decorations and pink walls.

The bebe ordered Strawberry Freak Shake. The Strawberry shake was good. However, the Choco Caramel Cake topping was TOO sweet that we had a very hard time finishing it. I loved sweets but I preferred bittersweet treats because very sweet food tend to make me "umay".
Strawberry Freak Shake - PhP168.00

Strawberry Freak Shake

I ordered the Coffee Freak Shake which was actually the best choice I made. As I mentioned about the cake topping, the coffee taste somehow balanced the sweetness for me. However, I still wished there was more "kick" of coffee in the shake as I felt like the coffee was "bitin" (lacking).
Coffee Freak Shake - PhP168.00

The hubby ordered Vanilla Smoothie which was also delicious. It actually reminded me of my bebe's milk Pediasure Vanilla Flavor.

Vanilla Smoothie - PhP95.00

Overall, the ambiance gave that nostalgic feeling of the days back when I was a little girl because of the Hello Kitty theme. The cafe's interior was a good backdrop for cute photo shoots. The wall painting made me feel warm and cheerful. The crew's service was good and fast. The shakes tasted really good. If only the cakes were not super sweet, the whole experience would have been perfect!

Kawaii Cafe Davao is located at Doña Segunda Complex, Opposite 7-11, Ponciano Street, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur.
The hubby and I spent another quality time together at the mall buying groceries and some other stuff. After we strolled the gadget section of SM Lanang Premier, we saw Bhajia Grilled Pizza just before we reached the escalators. So, we decided to try out their pizza and judge them ourselves.

It was a lucky day because while we decided on what flavor to order, the staff announced that they were on a Buy One Take One promo for just PhP 250.00. Lucky, indeed.

Hawaiian Pizza

Carnivore's Choice

The pizzas tasted good. I liked both pizzas. We bought home the other pizza and my auntie and brother liked it too. The pizzas has lots of toppings which is definitely a plus for such an affordable price. Also, I loved that their thin crust dough wasn't rubbery. Theirs was just the right amount of crisp.

It was indeed another "busog" day for me and the hubby.
With just 9 months to go before our big day, the hubby and myself went to ran some wedding prep errands. We were able to book our desired wedding date at Hotel Tropika and also bought some materials needed for our invites.

After the tiring search for the paper factory (which we never found), we were so famished! So I told the hubby that we were eating at this buffet restaurant somewhere in Torres St.

I learned about Yahong Restaurant while I hung out at Yoh Froz with my girlfriends the previous day. So I decided it was about time that the hubby and I go on another food trip!

Macaroni Salad

Fresh Water Melon

Sinabawang Baka

Pork Adobo

Grille Panga



Buttered Chicken

Buko Pandan

Their Lunch Buffet cost PhP 228.00 per head. It was pretty cheap compared to other buffet restaurants in the city. However, for the limited and common food choices, the price is pretty expensive but the food tasted good, though. However, we were expecting food that were somehow uncommon and new but I guess we can't have the best of both worlds.

I disliked the Buko Pandan because it was bland and tasteless. I did not taste any buko at all. The rest of the food passed my taste palate.

Anyway, we still enjoyed our lunch and each other's company, and that was what really mattered!

Yahong Restaurant Buffet and Ala Carte is located at Auto Ville Compound, F.Torres Street, Bajada, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
My friends and I met on Sunday afternoon and caught up with each other's whatabouts. The original plan was for us to check this new Hello Kitty themed cafe called Kawaii Cafe. They offered Freak Shakes and they were currently having a promo for the whole month of September.

However, my friends weren't aware that I planned on treating them for a pizza at this new pizza place in the city. So I brought them to Pizzeria del Trio at Madrazo Compound. This pizza place owned by ACD alumni who were 2 years our junior. It was my sister who introduced me to this pizza place. So we checked out what they had to offer.

Our All Time Default Pizza flavor - Hawaiian Pizza

I'm a sucker for anything pizza and this one passed my taste. I loved that they didn't go "tipid" on the toppings and the sweet and sour fusion of the tomato sauce and pineapples are perfect for my palate.

Pepperoni Pizza

This classic pizza flavor was also delicious. It's cheesy with just the right salty taste that wasn't overpowering.

The gang while waiting for our order.

Getting ready to dig in!

Pizzeria del Trio is located at Door 81, Madrazo Compound, 8000, C. Bangoy St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur.
Even during the Habagat (moonsoon) season, Davao's hot weather remains, well, HOT. So, what better way to cool off is through frozen delights! Here are some new frozen delights discoveries I found over the weekend.

Hershey Softserved Ice Cream
SM Supermarket, SM Lanang Premier

This is by far the best softserved ice cream I have ever tried. I love that I can really taste the richness of a real Hershey Chocolate. Yum! Another plus point is the price. For only P15.00, you get to enjoy real Hershey Chocolate goodness on a cone!

Buko Pandan Flavored Dirty Ice Cream
Mang Danny Ice Cream, Lots For Less Lanang

I'm not super sold with Mang Danny's Ice Cream. There is nothing spectacular about the taste (in my own honest opinion). I don't even get what the hype is really about. This particular ice cream is so famous in Roxas Night Market that people will spend hours in line just to buy one. Probably it's just me ot it could be a fake. Anyway, I buy another flavor to test if it was just the wrong flavor for me. So I buy Ube and Chocolate flavor. After the first bite, I am certain that I don't like it. I can't even distinguish the two flavors because they taste alike. Another thing I don't like is that this little thing costs P25.00. So not worth it.

Chocolate Milk Shake
Yoh Froz, Torres St

The only Yougurt drink I have ever tried is the one from Nestle, specifically the Mango flavored Yougurt drink. Yoh Froz isn't initially in our plan. We are supposed to go to Kawaii Cafe but sadly they are closed on Sunday. So left with no other options as the other ones (FTU Creamery and Cafe Mi Corazon) we went to are also closed, we went here for a quick refreshment fix.

I ordered Chocolate Milk Shake. I like it because I can definitely taste the yougurt but I don't appreciate that I couldn't taste even the slightest chocolate flavor. So I am in the middle with this drink. If I remember correctly, I think this costs P135.00 more or less.

My friends and I promise to try other cool cafes in the city and I am so looking forward to it!

Do you have any suggestions? Please do tell in the comments below! Thanks for reading!
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