Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Davao Food Trip #09: Cafetiere

I read about Cafetiere in a blog and I so wanted to eat here since then. I wanted to try the food in their menu as I found the prices of their food very budget friendly.

Finally came Kadayawan Festival, I finally had the opportunity to eat there. I ordered Cheesy Beef Bowl for myself and Cheesy Beef Fries for the bebe.

Cheesy Beef Bowl - PhP 85

Cheesy Beef Fries - PhP 90

The food was delicious and the serving was good for sharing (of course depending on your appetite). Sadly, I hadn't tried their shakes because they didn't have ice during my visit (tsk tsk).

Anyway, more pics of the cafe below.


Cafe's Interior

Dark Chocolate Cake

Caramel Cheesecake

Red Velvet

Overall, the place was pretty small but it was definitely cozy, comfy and clean. The food was delicious and budget friendly. Serving was good for sharing. Food was really worth every buck I paid. What made my visit at Cafetiere more memorable was having a date with my daughter.

I'd be back here to try other food in their menu. That's a promise!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Lipstick Craze

In 2014, I got in touch with whatever vanity I had in my body. I just couldn't go out of the house without putting on lip color, be it lipstick or lip tint. It was probably due to my lips getting darker because of my constant use of lipstick for about 6 months.

When I found out about this online shop which sold organic skin care, I immediately tried their lip scrub and also bought an organic lip tint.

I was happy that I did try their products because it worked for me. My upper lips still had these dark outer lines but it looked healthier now compared to before.

Anyway, since I could not give up lip color anymore than I wanted, I figured I could stock up with organic lipstick, lip stains, and lip tints as much as possible. However, I could still add some non-organic brands on my stash every once in a while.

So far these were the products I'm using.

Lip and Cheek Rolly
from Sooper Beaute

Lip and Cheek Rolly in three shades:
Blushing - Just Bitten - Bloody Red

Lip and Cheek Rolly - liquid lip tint with a roller instead of doe foot wand brush

My Experience: Gives a nice natural lip color payoff. Lightweight and transfer proof. I just didn't love the roller because sometimes no product is coming out so I need to shake the bottle to get the products out on the roller.

Sugar Tint in Coral
from Pink Sugar
(Not organic lipstick)
My Experience: I love the color payoff because it's very pigmented. Little goes a long way. I just struggle spreading it because the consistency is thick and product seems to dry fast. So to remedy that problem, I use lip balm prior to applying this lip tint.

So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy in Polaris
from  Sooper Beaute
Lip Tint with Matte finish.

My Experience: I love the nude color with a hint of pink. Very pigmented and so easy to spread. Consistency is creamy but not very thick. I have to let it sit for a few minutes so that it won't transfer or smudge. I just find this not so cost effective because this small tint is a little expensive at PhP380. So I only use this when going to church.

Lip+Cheek Colour Creme
from Green Options
Lip Cream in a pump bottle.

My Experience: my very least favorite in my stash. Poor color payoff. Feels like it's a balm with very little tint. I use my pinky finger in spreading the product and most of the color is on my finger and not on my lips.

Lip & Cheek Tint
from The Happy Organics
Balm like lip tint

My Experience: Neither hating it nor liking it. Since this one is like a balm with a hint of color, I use it prior to applying my sugar tint.

100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree
from Human Heart Nature
My Experience: When I'm being lazy or in such a hurry, I use this. It doesn't color much but I like it because it has a hint of mint when applied. Plus it's organic.

Tomato Lip Tint
from Eden's Paradise
This is my very first organic lip tint.

My Experience: Color payoff is ok. Need to apply more to get redder lips. Lightweight and transferproof. Fades off after eating and leaves outlines on the outer lip line.

I look forward for more tints in the next few days. Borrowing Becoming Filipino's famous tag line...

One lip tint at a time!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Family Outing: Frieda's 6th Birthday Bash at the Beach

Another year had come and gone for my bebe. She's grown up really fast than I ever wanted. Actually, I really just want her to remain the cute and cuddly bebe. Anyway, time and age is inevitable! So rather than I moped about my bebe's very fast growth, it was about time we celebrated her birthday!

It was supposed to be a gathering of the Sumalinog and Tocmo Family and a double birthday bash for my bebe and her cousin from Manila. Sadly, few days before the scheduled beach party, my hubby's uncle got into an accident and he was hospitalized. So the double celebration was cancelled.

However, since I already had my aunt prepare for the food, we still pushed through with bebe's birthday celebration, but without hubby's family.

Anyway, we still had a blast at the beach and the birthday girl enjoyed her birthday bash so much that she had an extreme tan!

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Davao Food Trip #08: Buffet 52 (Korean Buffet)

It's that time of the year once again -- Kadayawan Festival!!! Yahooooo!

I love Kadayawan because fruits are abundant all over the city at very affordable prices! Plus the festive atmosphere of Davao is just so infectious. I especially love the citywide mall sales, the bazaar at Davao Convention Center (DavCon) and the Night Market/Food Street at Roxas (though Roxas Night Market is open whole year round).

However, the downside of celebrating Kadayawan is TRAFFIC! Earlier when me and the hubby are on our way to DavCon, all streets leading to downtown Davao are full of vehicles (of all kinds) stuck in heavy traffic. Even the alleyways have traffic. Getting to the heart of the city is a struggle and the struggle is real! Anyhow, we are still able to navigate through the traffic and I am able to purchase the lip stains that I came to DavCon for.

After a short stroll inside DavCon to see what other stalls are selling, we head back to the streets to look for a nice restaurant and get dinner. The hubby want to eat our "go to" dining place - Penongs, but I want to try someplace different. Someplace we have not tried before. So, I suggested Buffet 52 since we are already in Torres and it's just a few meters walk from Dav Con.

Buffet 52 is a Korean Eat All You Can restaurant. The food selection is pretty limited for PhP499 but the food tastes great and we really enjoy our dinner. The place is cozy and spacious enough to accommodate more customers. It just happens that when we are there, only few people are dining so the place is not crowded. Just one fault I find in Buffet 52 is the food in the buffet table is no longer hot meaning it's not freshly cooked. Other than that, the food and the experience is good.

Buffet 52 is Located at F. Torres St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur.