The year was coming to a close once again. VREO team hadn't conducted our team building for 2016 yet and there was no news about our proposed budget approval. That's why, together with my fellow agents, we organized our own get together/team building/year-end outing. Each agent shouldere our own expenses.

We all voted to hold the team building at Beach View Resort, Pindasan, Mabini, ComVal. It was an overnight outing with lots of fun games, some booze and lots of swimming involved.

What I liked about Beach View was that the place was clean and the resort had enough spaces where you can play parlor games. Also the beach was huge and there's plenty of space to take a swim. Water was clean as well.

The only downside for this resort (and really disappointing one if I may add) was that they collect fees every single time. Their rates were cheap though, but they kept collecting at certain times of the day.

Day Tour is P25.00 from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Overnight is P60.00 (comes with free cottage) from 5:00 PM - 7:00 AM

Dirt cheap right? But here's the catch. If you arrived before 5:00 PM (say 4:00 PM) and you will stay overnight, you needed to wait for the clock to strike 5 PM so that you will only pay P60.00. However, if you wished to get into the resort immediately and it's not yet 5 PM, you will need to pay the P25 day tour fee because it's not yet 5 PM.

So you see, even if there was only one hour before 5PM you will still need to pay the P25 day tour fee.

Another catch, the cottage is free only from 5PM - 7AM. If you wished to extend even for just an hour or two you will need to pay for the cottage plus you also need to pay another P25 daytour fee because overnight fee is only valid until 7 AM.

You see, it's not even 24 hours since you are in the resort but they've already collected the entrance fee 3 times.

Also, they charge P50 electric fee.

I couldn't deny that the beach was really nice and service was good but the collection of fees was just too much. I guess that would be the last time I'll set foot in this beach resort.

P.S. Even if we did not get a budget approval from the management, we still had a blast and our bond as a team became stronger. #WeAreStronger as my colleague said.
I can't believe it has already been quite a long time ago when the hubby and I first began our love story. I know seven years isn't that long enough to brag about but in this day and age, I believe seven years is actually already some kind of achievement.

I remember when we were still starting, we were two broke people with very less to spend so dating was something we found very luxurious. We couldn't really afford a regular dinner date even in a not so fancy restaurant because we have no spare to spend.

It's pretty awesome going back on to the memories of how our journey lead us to where we both are now. Together we have dreamed and together we have conquered. We both have struggled and fought and become victors.

Looking back to our beginnings make my heart swell with joy. Can you imagine that our first actual date is just a long walk, with full of heartfelt talks and hearty laughter, from San Pedro Street to Quezon Boulevard. For most people, it is nowhere near fancy, but for me it's the best date my hubby and I ever had. Just having to enjoy each other's company without worrying how much we need to spend or who will pay for what has made that date a very special one. Hubby's company and our conversation is for me, indeed priceless.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years after, we are both blessed with stable income and employment, hubby and I are finally able to go to places and spend a little. Nothing too extravagant but still memorable.

We are able to dine out, go on vacations, and make memories together. Travelling with him has become my favorite past time. Even just riding on the motorcycle around the city is special as long as I am with him. Below are some highlights of our years together.

January 2013 - Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

May 2013 - Surigao del Sur

March 2014 - Tarsier Conservation Area

March 2014 - Loboc River Cruise

March 2014 - Fort San Pedro, Cebu City

August 2014 - Rainbow Beach Resort

September 2014 - Jack's Ridge

November 2014 - Edens Nature Park

January 2015 - Maxima Aqua Fun

April 2015 - Cannibad

May 2016 - Sohoton, Surigao del Norte

September 2016 - Sleeping Dinosaur View Deck

September 2016 - Manay Coastal Area

October 2016 - D'Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park

November 2013 - Post Movie Ice Cream Date at Ice Giants Sta. Ana

August 2015 - D'Japanese Tunnel

August 2016 - Buffet dinner at Buffet 52

September 2016 - Brunch at Kairos Kitchen

September 2016 - Bhajia Grilled Pizza

October 2016 - Kawaii Cafe

October 2016 - Lyndon's

For more than two years now, hubby and I still enjoy going to new places and dining out at new restaurants. I get to enjoy both my love for nature and food, and my love for my hubby. I thank God for blessing us with the resources and time that we need. Everything wouldn't really be possible without Him!

Remember, always find time to enjoy the things that make you happy with the people that makes the experience even happier! It's not always about how grand or expensive your date should be. It's all about the company you have and the happiness you get with that person.

Thank God for everything! Put Him in the center of your relationship. Fight for love. Keep the love. Stay in love.

Thanks for reading!
Our company held it's annual Sportsfest opening ceremony over the weekend. The hubby picked me up right after the basketball game was over and together with our bebe, we headed straight to this new cafe in town for a late afternoon treat.

The place was called Kawaii Cafe. Indeed, it was really "kawaii" (cute) with all the Hello Kitty decorations and pink walls.

The bebe ordered Strawberry Freak Shake. The Strawberry shake was good. However, the Choco Caramel Cake topping was TOO sweet that we had a very hard time finishing it. I loved sweets but I preferred bittersweet treats because very sweet food tend to make me "umay".
Strawberry Freak Shake - PhP168.00

Strawberry Freak Shake

I ordered the Coffee Freak Shake which was actually the best choice I made. As I mentioned about the cake topping, the coffee taste somehow balanced the sweetness for me. However, I still wished there was more "kick" of coffee in the shake as I felt like the coffee was "bitin" (lacking).
Coffee Freak Shake - PhP168.00

The hubby ordered Vanilla Smoothie which was also delicious. It actually reminded me of my bebe's milk Pediasure Vanilla Flavor.

Vanilla Smoothie - PhP95.00

Overall, the ambiance gave that nostalgic feeling of the days back when I was a little girl because of the Hello Kitty theme. The cafe's interior was a good backdrop for cute photo shoots. The wall painting made me feel warm and cheerful. The crew's service was good and fast. The shakes tasted really good. If only the cakes were not super sweet, the whole experience would have been perfect!

Kawaii Cafe Davao is located at Doña Segunda Complex, Opposite 7-11, Ponciano Street, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur.
The hubby and I spent another quality time together at the mall buying groceries and some other stuff. After we strolled the gadget section of SM Lanang Premier, we saw Bhajia Grilled Pizza just before we reached the escalators. So, we decided to try out their pizza and judge them ourselves.

It was a lucky day because while we decided on what flavor to order, the staff announced that they were on a Buy One Take One promo for just PhP 250.00. Lucky, indeed.

Hawaiian Pizza

Carnivore's Choice

The pizzas tasted good. I liked both pizzas. We bought home the other pizza and my auntie and brother liked it too. The pizzas has lots of toppings which is definitely a plus for such an affordable price. Also, I loved that their thin crust dough wasn't rubbery. Theirs was just the right amount of crisp.

It was indeed another "busog" day for me and the hubby.
With just 9 months to go before our big day, the hubby and myself went to ran some wedding prep errands. We were able to book our desired wedding date at Hotel Tropika and also bought some materials needed for our invites.

After the tiring search for the paper factory (which we never found), we were so famished! So I told the hubby that we were eating at this buffet restaurant somewhere in Torres St.

I learned about Yahong Restaurant while I hung out at Yoh Froz with my girlfriends the previous day. So I decided it was about time that the hubby and I go on another food trip!

Macaroni Salad

Fresh Water Melon

Sinabawang Baka

Pork Adobo

Grille Panga



Buttered Chicken

Buko Pandan

Their Lunch Buffet cost PhP 228.00 per head. It was pretty cheap compared to other buffet restaurants in the city. However, for the limited and common food choices, the price is pretty expensive but the food tasted good, though. However, we were expecting food that were somehow uncommon and new but I guess we can't have the best of both worlds.

I disliked the Buko Pandan because it was bland and tasteless. I did not taste any buko at all. The rest of the food passed my taste palate.

Anyway, we still enjoyed our lunch and each other's company, and that was what really mattered!

Yahong Restaurant Buffet and Ala Carte is located at Auto Ville Compound, F.Torres Street, Bajada, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
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